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Data Tools and Projects

The projects below were built to be used to find insteresting insights from different data sets. Many data sets and tools are St. Louis centric, but some extend to information well beyond the city and county borders. I didn't create these tools in a vacuum, I also use them! You can find blog posts with analysis created using these tools (and sometimes outside analysis) at the bottom of this page. Find out more information about the author here and please reach out to if you have any questions or comments about the tools or analysis.

Airline Data Browser

The Airline Data Browser aggregates statistics from the Bureau of Transportation T-100 Segment data set and allows users to look at information such as total departures, passengers, and load factors on individual routes down to a monthly level. The tool currently only offers domestic routes arriving at or departing from a limited set of airports. Additionally, there is only a limited set of mappings available to roll up regional carriers to their mainline carriers as we work to find more accurate mappings. Data currently available from Jan. 2014 to mid 2018.

Midwest Wind Energy

This project looks at several different types of analysis (from both a technical and economic standpoint). The project was worked on in 2016, so the data and analysis deal with data prior to 2016. There are several different interesting facets to the project including:
  1. A tool for comparing historical energy prices at different nodes throughout the Midwest.
  2. A report builder for looking at wind farm economics at different sites in Iowa and Illinois using a build in techno-economic model
  3. A case study of best sites for wind power additions in Iowa and Illinois based on historical wind and energy price data.

STL Neighborhood Census Data

St. Louis City is made up of 79 different neighborhoods. Check out how the population and demogrpahics has changed during the 1990 to 2010 Census periods by selecting different neighborhoods with the explorer tool.

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